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Eight More Struts Breaches

May 7, 2018

Earlier today, Robert Hackett at Fortune published an eye opening report on the number of organizations who continue to download known vulnerable open source components. His focus for the article was specifically on the Struts web application framework. Why?

Is manual remediation with Repository Health Check as good as it gets?

April 25, 2018

If you’re a Nexus Repository admin, you understand the importance of keeping a repository healthy. We recently made a few changes to Repository Health Check (RHC) to help you in this quest. It now surfaces oft-used vulnerable components and gives the information you need to research and remediate those components.

The Importance of Having An Open Source Policy

April 18, 2018

In 2017, 57% of all participants in the DevSecOps Community survey confirmed that, yes, they did have an open source policy. In 2018 this has risen to 64% - but 35% say they ignore it.

Firewall on Repository Manager OSS

Take the Good. Leave the Bad and the Ugly.

Application Health Check
Nexus Firewall automatically prevents open source software components with known security vulnerabilities from entering your Nexus Repository.
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