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Nexus Reference Platform: Kompose, OpenShift and Helm

August 30, 2018

I wanted to explore some additional options for migrating from Docker Compose to Kubernetes (k8s). I had come across the Kompose project earlier this year and had made a mental note to revisit when I had exhausted what I wanted to do with Docker Compose.

New Policy Grandfathering: Automating Open Source Governance at Your Own Pace

August 29, 2018

So you just purchased and installed Nexus Lifecycle because it’s time to automate your open source policies at scale - great news! Next, you onboard your existing apps, and immediately see a report with a ton of policy violations. These violations are for open source components that have been in your apps for some time, so what do you do next? How do you prioritize what to fix? And how do you deal with the frustration from developers when all of your builds start to break because you have integrated policy enforcement across the SDLC?

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